Green Cap Ways & Means Activity Night

Green Cap Ways & Means Activity Night

Pictured:  Julie Kronenburg, Green Cap Recipient,  Mona Schulyer, Capping Officer, Kris Lobotzke, Cheryl Klabunde & Carol Kau.       Seated:  Colleen Jones & Rosie

Thursday, November 29, 2019 at 7:00 PM we will honor our new Green Cap Recipient Julie Kronenburg.  Members of the Loyal Order of Moose, qualified guests and prospective members are invited to attend.  Refreshments will be served after the meeting.

“What is that?” you may be asking?

The Green Cap is an honor, not a degree, for the WOTM (Women of the Moose). Junior Graduate Regents (JGR) were first invested with the Green Cap in 1950. The color green indicated she was a college freshman prior to receiving her cap and gown. The green cap brings with it the opportunity to achieve the coveted cap and gown of the College of Regents. It is a symbol of success not only for the JGR, but for her chapter as well.

Julie was the Chapter Senior Regent for 2017-2018; she and the Chapter (all of you!) met all the requirements set forth by Moose International and earned the Award of Achievement for that year.  As a result, Julie, as Senior Regent that year, began her journey to receive the highest degree a woman of the Moose can earn—the College of Regents Degree.  Part of this journey is receiving the Green Cap honor which is bestowed at each annual state conference. When you see Julie, congratulate her!

When it comes to tricycles, most people believe that they’re strictly for kids, but that’s not true.  Lots of adults have been using and enjoying the services of tricycles to gain mobility and improve their level of fitness.  They are also used for strength-building.  Tricycles are the perfect choice for fun and workout activities at any given age, time or place.

Our Moosehaven residents use electric tricycles to move freely around the Moosehaven Campus from their residence to the Beauty or Barber Shop or perhaps to a doctor’s appointment or Bingo.

And while our residents are zooming around Campus with the wind blowing through their hair, they are receiving many of the benefits of adult biking which revolves around the great coordination of the various muscles during the process of pedaling- the arms and legs coordinating to mount and dismount from the tricycle-the hand and eye coordination to steer and direct-all in conjunction and in perfect unison with the mental faculties of the adult rider.

Adult tricycle riding can help refine and reduce certain mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress common with some elderly riders. Adults can achieve these goals by regularly making use of their tricycles and enjoying the comfort and peace associated with biking adult tricycles.

Fortunately, our residents use their tricycles so much that they often wear out or are in desperate need of major repairs.  The Women of the Moose have volunteered to take on this project so very near and dear to our residents.

Julie’s committee’s fundraising project is Baked Potato Bar, Craft & Bake Sale held in October and proceeds from her working the kitchen for Wednesday Wing Night.  From the proceeds the committee will be able to make a generous contribution to Moose Charities for the Moosehaven Tricycles as well as the WOTM Scholarship and Maintenance Fund.  Julie and her committee wish to thank you in advance for your generous support to this important need.


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