Women of the Moose

Muskego Chapter #1617

Chapter Meetings:

1st Thursday of the month – Activity Meeting – 7:00 PM

3rd Thursday of the month – Business Meeting – 7:00 PM

2018-2019 Board of Officers

Senior Regent                    Rachel Oemig-Klein

Junior Regent                    Camille Theys

Secretary/Treasurer      Kris Lobotzke

Recorder                              Tricia Ryan-Tellier

Jr. Gradulate Regent     Julie Kronenburg

Julie Kronenburg—Green Cap Recipient!
On Sunday, September 16th, at the Annual State Conference, Julie will receive her Green Cap honor!

“What is that?” you may be asking?

The Green Cap is an honor, not a degree, for the WOTM (Women of the Moose). Junior Graduate Regents (JGR) were first invested with the Green Cap in 1950. The color green indicated she was a college freshman prior to receiving her cap and gown. The green cap brings with it the opportunity to achieve the coveted cap and gown of the College of Regents. It is a symbol of success not only for the JGR, but for her chapter as well.

Julie was the Chapter Senior Regent for 2017-2018; she and the Chapter (all of you!) met all the requirements set forth by Moose International and earned the Award of Achievement for that year. As a result, Julie, as Senior Regent that year, began her journey to receive the highest degree a woman of the Moose can earn—the College of Regents Degree. Part of this journey is receiving the Green Cap honor which is bestowed at each annual state conference. When you see Julie, congratulate her!
Congratulations, Julie!
Congratulations, Muskego Chapter!

Muskego Chapter #1617